Rust live coding stream coming soon

Posted on Friday, 25th January 2019

Since over the last couple of weeks I didn't feel like writing a long and detailed blog posts about my experience with Rust, I've decided to try something new. The plan is to run a few live coding sessions on Twitch where I will be learning Rust by building a real-world application while trying to determine if Rust is Web yet.

Here are some features I have in mind for the service:

Searches and downloads gifs via Giphy API
I want to use Rust to interface with HTTP APIs involving threading, resource management and maybe interfacing with a DB
Re-sizes and re-packages selected image to be under desired size
The idea here is to try using a native library to do the resizing and get the best quality in the desired file size range. I want to learn how to interface between Rust and native libraries and how to set up the toolchain for native code compilation and integration
Re-encodes the packaged image so it can be downloaded or C&P base64 encoded
Think HTML Data URI format.
Has a nice Web UI
Learn some Rust for Frontend/Browser, play with WASM etc. I might give up on this one and just go with something I know better since I don't really want to spend too much time building and polishing a web UI
Deploys on AWS Lambda
I know that Rust for Lambda is a thing. I want to see how mature it is and learn how to wire AWS Lambda and API Gateway together.

The plan is quite ambitious and since I have no streaming experience it's all probably end with a spectacular disaster, so stay tuned for some quality content.

Back to blogging, let's learn some Rust!

Posted on Saturday, 22nd December 2018

Guess who's back?

I have recently found myself spending more and more of my spare time learning Rust, which I find a very unique and interesting experience. I feel it's an amazing opportunity to re-start this blog and share some of my thoughts, hopefully learning on the way and showing some of the cool stuff I'm making.

Bringing back the eighties with Emscripten - let the fun begin

Posted on Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

Ok, so I started up with getting the source of gnurobbo 0.66 and unpacking it in local directory. I decided to build the native version first, so I can have a reference to which I could compare the browser version later. After installing SDL with apt-get everything went pretty smoothly.

Main menu After starting the first level

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Bringing back the eighties with Emscripten - setting things up

Posted on Tuesday, 21st January 2014


Since a lot of work done with Emscripten and LLVM requires usage of command line and I loathe the Windows command line, the steps in this post will describe the process of setting up LLVM on Linux-based system. Specifically, I had some old virtual machine with Crunchbang Waldorf already installed, soI used this one. Since this distribution is based on Debian Wheezy, steps to set things up on Debian should be fairly simillar.

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Bringing back the eighties with Emscripten - introduction

Posted on Tuesday, 21st January 2014

Since I first stumbled on some Emscripten demos, I had this idea of trying it out by bringing back my favorite childhood games to the web. Last week, I finally got some time to get to it. This post starts the series that descibe my attempts to port a game written in C to HTML5.

All aboard the nostalgia train!

Behold the Atari ST power in all it`s might!

For those who weren`t in Poland in 1980s, the above screenshot comes from one of the first Polish games developed for Atari. This game introduced me to computers and dragged-in my whole family, including my mother, which was a feat no other game has archived ever since. So when I found this Open Source port of Robbo it seemed natural candidate for bringing back all the 1980s gaming fun to the modern Web.

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